Our People

This is Wren Sterling’s leadership team. To see Wren Sterling’s financial advisers by office, please visit our Contact page.

James Twining succeeds Ian Halley as CEO of Wren Sterling
James Twining
Chief Executive Officer
Ian Darby, Executive Chairman, Wren Sterling Financial Advisers.
Ian Darby
Executive Chairman
Andy Moss, Finance Director, Wren Sterling Financial Advisers.
Andy Moss
Finance Director
Paul Chafer, Chief Commercial Officer, Wren Sterling Financial Advisers.
Paul Chafer
Chief Commercial Officer
Linda Payne
Chief Operating Officer
Rory McPherson
Rory McPherson
Chief Investment Officer
Elaine Batchelor
Elaine Batchelor
Risk & Compliance Director
Chris Faerber, Wren Sterling's sales director
Chris Faerber
Sales Director
Stephen Williams, HR Director, Wren Sterling Nottingham financial advisers.
Stephen Williams
HR Director
Henry Blunt
Acquisitions Director
Austin Hutchinson
Regional Director

Non-Executive Directors

Clemmie Vaughan
Non-Executive Director
Ian Halley, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Wren Sterling Financial Advisers.
Ian Halley
Non-Executive Director (Risk & Audit and Acquisitions)