Retirement Calculator

Our retirement calculator uses your current age and pension savings to give you an idea of what your retirement income could look like.

What might your retirement look like?

We have designed this calculator to help you answer questions like ‘How much do I need to retire?’ and ‘When can I retire?’.

Move the sliders along to personalise the results. Hover over the (i) icons below to find out more about the different fields.

You’re on track to have at retirement.

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Current Age: 
Retirement Age: 
Input your current and planned retirement age
Desired Annual Retirement Income
This is how much you want to live on in retirement. A guide is 50% of your current working income, assuming you pay off your mortgage before retirement
Current Combined Pension Pot
How much you have saved across your pension pots
Personal monthly contribution
How much you pay into your pension each month
Employer monthly contribution
How much your employer pays into your pension each month
Personal one-off contribution
A lump sum payment you want to make into your pension

This calculation assumes a mid-level growth rate of 5% per year, inflation of 2% per year and pension fees of 0.70%. The aim of this pension calculator is to give you an idea of the level of income your current pension benefits could provide you with and/or how much you might need to save into a pension to get the income you’re aiming for in retirement. It’s not personal advice or suitable for calculating the potential income from a defined benefit scheme, e.g. a final salary scheme. If you’re not sure what’s best for your situation, you should seek personal advice.

Planning for retirement

  • Saving for retirement guide

    Saving for retirement guide

    We want our clients to be looking forward to retirement. Our pensions calculator can help you understand questions like ‘How much do I need to retire?’ and ‘When can I retire?’. Our guide to saving for retirement discusses the options you to help you get on track, including:

    • Your State Pension
    • How your pension is calculated; Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution pensions
    • The allowances and rules you’re subject to.
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  • Retirement tax planning guide

    Retirement tax planning guide

    Tax doesn’t stop when you stop working. You may still have an income tax liability if your retirement income exceeds your allowances. Now that you have an idea of what that might be (thanks to our retirement calculator), our guide dives deeper into the complex area of pensions tax.

    Please note: the content of this guide is generic, and not specific to your personal circumstances. For bespoke financial advice, we recommend speaking to a financial adviser.

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  • Pensions tax planning for high earners guide

    Pensions tax planning for high earners guide

    If you want to reduce the amount of tax that you pay the solution is in your own hands. Planning could help you to lessen the rising tax burden – and we’re here to help. Our guide could help you understand the allowances and reliefs available to you, so you can take control of your tax.

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