We are investment specialists and financial planning experts. With access to the whole of the market we can ensure that we select the most appropriate, long term investments to deliver against your investment strategy and ultimately your financial plan.

There are lots of factors that make up a successful investment strategy. Some factors include maximising your personal tax allowances, managing risk and reward and choosing the funds for the time you want to invest your money for.

To speak to an expert about your investments, contact us or arrange an appointment with your local office.

The value of financial advice in investments

There are many ways to make investments directly, either in the stock market or numerous online outlets. However, investing should be done in line with your overall financial goals. A financial adviser takes a strategic view of all your assets and liabilities, income and expenditure, attitude to risk, short, medium and long term requirements and recommends an appropriate strategy. Importantly, Wren Sterling is completely independent, so we can choose funds from across the market.

The value of your investments may go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount invested.

Our investment partners

Wren Sterling works with many of the best known fund managers in the UK and our investment options are drawn from the whole of the market, affording our clients the choice they deserve and ensuring we’re tailoring our investment strategy to every client’s individual circumstances.

The Federal Reserve should do the right thing

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The market turbulence experienced at the end of last year had much to do with investor’s perceptions of the impact of the US Federal Reserve’s monetary policy stance on the US and international economic outlook. As we headed into December there had already been evidence that the interest rate sensitive areas of the US economy, [...]

The constraints of making gifts under a Power of Attorney

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A frequent question asked by clients who have been appointed as attorneys is whether they can they make gifts on behalf of the person for whom they act for (the donor)? The answer is yes, but there are strict rules which have to be adhered to. It cannot be emphasised enough that attorneys have very [...]

Cashflow planning: visualising financial journeys

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Cashflow planning is a bit of a buzz phrase around financial planning at the moment as advisers seek to show clients how their financial journey will unfold if it continues its current trajectory or with positive and negative impacts. In my mind, cashflow planning is simply showing whether a client’s objectives are attainable using current [...]