The Impact of Sequential Returns Risk on Retirement Income Planning

Why professional advice is essential for keeping clients on track in the face of sequential returns risk Assets fluctuate in value, it’s the nature of investing. But watching a new portfolio experience volatility can be painful for an investor who has prioritised retirement income planning. Long-term investors can choose to weather these ups and downs [...]

Ask the IFA: What are the advantages of a final salary pension transfer?

Wren Sterling is authorised to advise on a defined benefit or final salary pension transfer. We are often asked about the advantages of a transfer, especially as transfer values are historically high at the moment. Here are eight advantages of a final salary pension transfer - but it's important to stress that there may be [...]

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Uncompromised sums up the way we work and our dedication to getting the very best outcomes for our clients. Our advice is independent, so nothing comes between us and recommending the right mix of products for our clients to meet their financial goals.


Regular contact benefits everybody. It builds our clients’ financial knowledge and deepens our understanding of their personal circumstances, because the better our understanding, the more precise our advice will be.


We make sure our clients are clear on their financial situation, so they feel in control. We communicate using plain English and take our time to explain our recommendations with clarity.


We know open and honest dialogue is crucial to successful client / adviser relationships, so we’ll always talk frankly with our clients about their financial goals.

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