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Why are IHT rules so confusing?

Confused by IHT rules? You’re not alone. Less than half who make gifts understand IHT rules, according to the HMRC. So, what are the rules and why affect will they have on your estate planning?

Have you had a letter from HMRC?

You may have exceeded your Personal Savings Allowance. New rules mean that 95% of taxpayers should no longer need to pay tax on their savings income. As for the rest – find out more about recent changes here.

How will the 2018 Budget affect me?

While we wait to understand how Brexit will affect us, there are a number of changes coming this year, many recently announced in the 2018 Autumn Budget. We’ve created this article about what these changes are and how they might affect you.

How can you save Inheritance Tax (IHT) on your home?

Structuring your estate correctly can lead to big savings if you understand the complexities of inheritance tax Currently all individuals in the UK have a nil rate band of £325,000 each. This means that on death, if the value of your estate (all your cash, assets, investments and personal chattels) is less than £325,000 (or [...]