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Is the UK property market reaching the end of the boom period?

UK house prices increased by an average of 12.4% in 2022, sustaining a trend of rising prices that has been in play since 2012 – a boom by anyone’s measures. We’re familiar with the reasons for this; the Stamp Duty holiday, lack of supply, record low interest rates on fixed year deals, lockdown generating excess […]

What to do when someone dies

What does the executor need to do next? How do you register a death? How do you obtain probate? All this, and more about the costs associated with passing on an estate from Wren Sterling’s Head of Later Life Advice.

Ensuring that your legacy reaches the next generation

Whether we agree with it or not, most of us understand the concept of paying for our later life care. Most people are careful and do not want to pay more than necessary, although paying for your own care brings with it the choice of where and how you are cared for. Find out more in this article from our partners, The Will Writing Company.