Physical Wellbeing

We all need to be healthier, right? 10,000 steps, getting your five a day - we know the targets but hitting them is hard, especially as office life is more sedantry than ever.

As an employer, a physically healthy workforce is a real asset. When your workforce feels physically fit and ready to face the day, you can enjoy the benefit of that – reduced absence and increased productivity.

In our experience, the key to improving physical wellbeing over the long term is to create the right culture in your organisation. When employees see their managers and executive team leading a healthy lifestyle, it’s contagious.

It might feel daunting to put on a yoga class in the office once a month, but think about it. You are starting to send the message that the office can be a healthy environment, people are coming in and socialising with colleagues and they will feel revitalised afterwards. If you want to start the process of change in your business, Wren Sterling’s Corporate team can help get you moving.