Financial wellbeing

Financial worries are the biggest cause of stress in the UK working population. As an employer, you have two main reasons for looking after your employees' financial wellbeing.

Firstly, it’s a duty of care obligation. If you suspect people are struggling, you can affect positive change through a financial education programme. Secondly, people are much more productive when they’re not stressed! That might be over-simplifying it but the power of understanding their finances and feeling confident in their future cannot be understated.

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Financial confidence through education


Mitigating a high tax bill

Despite government ambitions to reduce income tax rates, the overall tax burden is likely to remain at an historically high level for the foreseeable future. Higher earners are likely to continue shouldering most of the burden. Higher and additional rate taxpayers currently pay over two thirds of all income tax. The message is clear: if you want to reduce the amount of tax that you pay the solution is in your own hands. Planning could help you to lessen the rising tax burden – and we’re here to help. This guide explores a key tax planning opportunity: making pension contributions.