Where will your retirement take you?

The choices you make in the years leading up to your retirement can have a significant impact on the standard of living you can expect to enjoy once you’ve stopped working.

That’s where an independent financial adviser can help.

Our advisers take stock of your circumstances and discuss your retirement goals to produce a retirement plan bespoke to you, which we regularly review to make sure you’re on track with appropriate pension plans, investments, savings and protection.

For a free initial consultation (which can be face to face or over the phone) please fill out the brief form below and an independent financial adviser near you will call within 24 hours (48 hours if submitted at the weekend) to arrange an appointment:

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  1. How much does financial advice cost?

    We price our service depending on the value of your investments and the complexity of work involved for us. No two cases are ever the same but we will make sure you’re fully appraised of the costs of our work before any chargeable work takes place, much like a lawyer or an accountant will do.

  2. What is an independent financial adviser?

    An independent financial adviser means a financial adviser who can recommend investments, pensions and protection products from multiple providers. If you see a financial adviser who doesn’t claim to be independent, they will still do the same process to understand your needs but they can only recommend products from one provider.

    We believe in independence because we think choice is essential for our clients to ensure the plans we recommend are as appropriate as they can be.

  3. How long will the advice process take?

    This will depend on your circumstances and the plan we recommend. A good guide is anywhere between 4-12 weeks as we regularly have to wait for information to be sent to us from providers and then we need to book in time with you to explain the plans and for you to agree to them.

    We will keep you regularly updated on progress.

The financial advice process

Step 1: Contact us 

Get in touch today to start your retirement planning journey. Tell us a bit about yourself, and we’ll arrange a meeting for you with a local financial adviser. There is no cost to you for this initial appointment, and no obligation to proceed.

Would you prefer a phone call? Let us know.

Step 2: The facts

During our first appointment we listen to your current financial circumstances; your lifestage, your hopes and financial aspirations. We work to understand any concerns you may have, and capture all of this in our ‘fact find’ which informs the basis of our analysis, planning and eventual recommendations to you.

Step 3: The analysis

We build an understanding of your current financial position. We look at your assets, liabilities, income, expenditure, pensions and future expectations. Often, we will use lifetime cashflow analysis to project possible future outcomes to gauge whether you are on track to achieve your goals.

Step 4: The plan

Building your plan involves researching the most appropriate solution and, where appropriate. an investment strategy from across the market. We take into account your previous experience and attitude to risk. You will be able to see how our recommendations come together to deliver your financial objectives.

Step 5: Implementation

Should you decide to adopt our recommendations, we will make all the necessary arrangements for the plans and policies to be put in place, with your financial adviser keeping you in the loop every step of the way to your retirement plan.

Step 6: Maintenance

Life always brings opportunities and challenges. As the financial and legislative landscape changes – our ongoing clients can benefit from review meetings were we can discuss and adjust your plan to keep you on track to achieve your financial goals.