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Separate futures: sharing pensions on divorce

Lots of thought goes into combining a couple’s finances. And the longer a marriage, the more finances become entwined. If they’ve decided on divorce, a lifetime of assets will need to be divided – and not just joint bank accounts and household bills, but also pensions. It can be tempting to ignore pensions, due to [...]

How can you calculate the value of a pension?

Here’s the bad news: working out the value of a pension isn’t straightforward! It depends on the type(s) of pensions you have and when you want to retire, among many other things. In this article, we'll talk about the types of pension you could have, how their values are calculated, how you can get a [...]

COVID-19 impact on retirement

How has Covid affected your pensions? We’ve all been affected differently, whether we’re working and saving towards a pension, approaching retirement, or drawing on our funds.