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Behind the headlines: Later life planning

Changes to National Insurance Contributions could signal a change in how we will pay for our future care. With most of us not knowing whether we’ll even need care, Clive Barwell and Matthew Bell keep us updated on the challenges of paying for late life care.

What to do when someone dies

What does the executor need to do next? How do you register a death? How do you obtain probate? All this, and more about the costs associated with passing on an estate from Wren Sterling’s Head of Later Life Advice.

Are you retirement ready?

If you’re ready to decide what to do with your pension or you just want to understand what your options are when you turn 55, our blog covers some of the basics around new pensions freedoms options.

Care fees: What you need to know

The UK population is getting older – and quickly. This is increasing the strain on the UK care sector and is likely to mean that in future we need to pay more ourselves for care if we want to enjoy a similar quality of life – but how do we go about paying for it?