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Have you had a letter from HMRC?

You may have exceeded your Personal Savings Allowance. New rules mean that 95% of taxpayers should no longer need to pay tax on their savings income. As for the rest – find out more about recent changes here.

When no news is good news

What did the Chancellor say about pensions and ISAs in his autumn budget? Neil MacGillivray of James Hay Partnership explains why a combination of the two is essential for retirement planning. James Hay Partnership is an investment partner of Wren Sterling.

Running the rule over Lifetime ISAs

ISAs have also undergone quite a revolution in recent years and there are now a large family of different ISA products to choose from. The latest innovation is the Lifetime ISA (or LISA) due to be launched in April 2017. These are designed to help savers both with buying a first home and for planning [...]