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How political risk affects investments

For investment managers political risk is something they consider when making investments. At the moment there’s a lot of talk on both sides of the Brexit argument about the potential impact of the UK leaving the EU either with or without a deal…

Have you had a letter from HMRC?

You may have exceeded your Personal Savings Allowance. New rules mean that 95% of taxpayers should no longer need to pay tax on their savings income. As for the rest – find out more about recent changes here.

How investors are supporting environmental and ethical causes

When many of us think about our legacy, many of us about how we will leave our assets to our families. But increasingly people are considering the legacy of the planet and the society they’re leaving behind and want to make a financial difference. This is being evidenced by their investment preferences and charitable bequests in Wills.

How to avoid a pension scam

Pensions freedom has created many opportunities for scammers to target people approaching retirement with access to their retirement funds. Learn more about how scammers approach their victims and how these scams can be avoided.

How to fund a long-term retirement

What should retirees consider when investing for a sustainable, long-term income stream to meet their needs? Simon Morris, Head of Strategic Partners at Premier Asset Management discusses tactics for retirements that could span decades rather than years,