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Sanctions start to bite and ESG in a tangle?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has united much of the Western world against President Putin, and we can only hope for a swift and peaceful resolution to the conflict that results in Ukrainians returning to their homes. It does feel awkward at times to be talking about elements of our lives that seem inconsequential compared [...]

The promise of hydrogen

The planet is warming and over the coming decades the global economy will be reshaped by our efforts to limit and mitigate its effects. Amid these threats lie opportunities for investors who can spot them. Waverton's John Buckland explains. All our energy comes from the sun. Some 350 million years ago, its rays nurtured woodlands [...]

How can you avoid greenwashing?

Impact Investing has become more popular – but its not just a case of putting ‘green’ in front of a fund name. Consumers shouldn’t be left to judge for themselves whether or not their investment is ethical. So how can you avoid greenwashing in your investments?