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Why are some people cashing in final salary pension schemes?

In recent years final salary pension schemes have been phased out by employers because people are living for longer and the uncrystallised liabilities are wreaking havoc with corporate balance sheets. Robert Blumberger explains why this is happening and sounds a cautionary note for those attracted to the idea of transferring.

Ask the IFA: Should I transfer my final salary pension?

There really is no way of knowing whether you should transfer your final salary pension without gaining a deep understanding of your personal circumstances. We speak to plenty of people who say they want to transfer out of their final salary pension scheme regardless of our view, but there's logic to an adviser's recommendation. Our [...]

Keeping it in the Family

There has been much excitement in the pension world since it was announced the Government would lift restrictions on how you can access pension savings, at the extreme end allowing you to take the entire pot in one lump sum. The Chancellor, however, left the biggest surprise until last when he firmly positioned pensions as [...]