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Has there been a better time to carry forward unused pension tax allowances?

Originally published on, 12 February With some fortunate households' savings boosted by the lockdowns Covid-19 has forced us to endure, and public finances under growing pressure, it's a question worth considering. The pandemic has clearly been very tough on so many different people. But there’s also no denying that for those able to work [...]

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What might change in the 2021 Budget?

Rishi Sunak is going to deliver what is probably the most significant budget since the Second World War on March 3rd. The government has spent colossal amounts on the Covid crisis in the last 12 months and as the vaccine programme is in full swing, attention is being turned to how the nation repays the [...]

Self-Invested Personal Pension advice (SIPP)

What is a self invested personal pension? A SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) is designed to allow investors to manage their own retirement savings and is most suitable for those who are confident making their own investment decisions. A SIPP will allow you to invest in different asset classes and funds, and control how much of [...]

Financial advisers can help you review your finances

Wren Sterling announces first acquisition of 2021 with deal for West Yorkshire advisory firm

Wren Sterling has completed a deal for Ilkley-based financial advisory practice, White Wells Investments LLP. White Wells has around £50m of client assets under advice, and under the terms of the deal, the firm’s principal, Michael Dunn, has joined Wren Sterling as an employed adviser. The acquisition is Wren Sterling’s first transaction of 2021 and […]


Where should cash reserves go?

The UK has been saving at a record rate since Covid-19 put our normal lives on hold with the UK’s savings account balances more than doubling to £111bn…


2020 – a year to remember for ethical investors

For many people 2020 cannot end soon enough, it was certainly not the year many of us anticipated back in January, and although the year has been traumatic on so many different levels, so much has also been learned.

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Is it the season to be jolly?

As we move into 2021 what can we expect from this year? Vaccines, Brexit and new technology.

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Will 2021 be a bull market?

Originally published on Brewin Dolphin is an investment management partner of Wren Sterling As 2020 closes, Guy Foster, Brewin Dolphin's Head of Research, focuses on what may lie ahead for the world economy and investors in 2021, with expectations of a sustained recovery on the horizon. Back in January, Covid-19 was a regional virus, [...]

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Why this time, Brexit really means Brexit

Time to wash away Brexit uncertainties. Insight from Tatton Investment Management

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What is a Defined Benefit Pension?

Defined benefit pensions What is a Defined Benefit pension? What are my options? How will my pension provide for my retirement? Any decisions you make about your Defined Benefit pension will affect the income it will provide for the rest of your life – so its important to understand how it works. What is a [...]

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How do you calculate the value of a Defined Benefit pension?

If you’re considering transferring away from a Defined Benefit (final salary) pension, you’ll need to request a cash equivalent transfer value (CETV) to help you find out whether or not you would be better off in or out of the scheme.


The importance of community

How Building Societies are supporting their members through the pandemic Unable to visit friends and family or see our colleagues, it’s our neighbours, communities and local businesses that keep us going during lockdown. While 84% of people support the use of targeted lockdown measures, many have been combatting the social challenges of 2020 by volunteering [...]