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Don’t be fooled by FTSE rally, history says it could fall again

Investors were warned they should not be lulled into a false sense of security after the FTSE 100 enjoyed the second biggest rally in its history.

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Stay in your Seat: Dimensional

On Monday, the FTSE 100 delivered one of it’s best ever days, with markets rallying around the world. There has been significant volatility over the last few weeks, bringing with it high levels of uncertainty. It’s also been impossible to know what will happen next and where markets will go.


Covid-19 sparks new wave of fraud as losses near £1m

Coronavirus related fraud reports are up 400 per cent,  according to new figures from Action Fraud today. 

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Brooks Macdonald: Volatility is the price of long-term positive gains

One of the questions we are challenged with regularly is why don’t you reduce risk/sell down the portfolio immediately and then reinvest when the market begins to recover?

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7IM: Keeping the UK open

By Ben Kumar, Investment Strategist, 7IM Governments around the world are taking extraordinary policy measures to deal with COVID-19. Compared to other European and Asian nations, the UK government was slow to impose drastic social-distancing measures. But the government’s economic response has been far clearer and quicker – among the best in the developed world. […]

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How the equity release market fared in 2019

Equity release continues to be a major way of providing retirement income, according to research published by Key Retirement Solution, one of the UK’s leading equity release specialists. It wasn’t all plain sailing in 2019 as the sector suffered some of the effects of political and economic instability resulting in a 4% drop in total [...]

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Wren Sterling now offers impact investing option for clients

Wren Sterling has launched an impact investing option for its clients, allowing them to invest in a range of funds designed to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact, alongside financial return. The growth of impact investing, ESG (environmental, social and governance), SRI (socially responsible investments) and green investing has coincided with a greater awareness [...]

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Can I transfer my pension to another pension?

If you’ve had more than one job, you may have multiple workplace pensions and find it difficult to keep track. You may be better of switching your scheme, and moving your pension.

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What is a pension transfer value (cash equivalent transfer value)?

Ready for retirement? If you have a Defined Benefit (DB) pension with your workplace, you could receive an annual income for life. But if you want more control over when you receive your money, you may need to transfer out of your scheme in order to access your funds. Deciding whether to transfer your pension, [...]

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What is the role of a Lasting Power of Attorney?

A Lasting Power of Attorney isn’t just something to consider when planning for later life. It could help if you need someone to support you with financial decisions…


How can you avoid greenwashing?

Impact Investing has become more popular – but its not just a case of putting ‘green’ in front of a fund name. Consumers shouldn’t be left to judge for themselves whether or not their investment is ethical. So how can you avoid greenwashing in your investments?

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If you’re self-employed, is your State Pension at risk?

Self-employed workers tend to have lower levels of pension savings, and a greater reliance on the State Pension. Changes to thresholds may mean that some are at risk of losing their state pension.