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COVID-19 impact on retirement

How has Covid affected your pensions? We’ve all been affected differently, whether we’re working and saving towards a pension, approaching retirement, or drawing on our funds.

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The Importance of investing early

Originally published on Your twenties are a time when there are almost too many goals to save for. You may want to buy your first home, purchase a car, or save up to travel the world in the future. Whatever your goals, and whether your plans are short term or long term, they all [...]

Risk and reward in investments

Questions to ask about your investments and retirement planning after the first wave

Graeme Wake, Senior Wealth Manager at Wren Sterling, runs through the questions people might be asking themselves after the recent period of market volatility: “With the coronavirus infection and death rate in the UK thankfully on a downward trajectory you might be using the time to reflect on how your pension, ISA and other investments [...]


Could the furlough lifestyle lead to more semi-retirement?

With a quarter of the UK’s working population now being supported by the government’s furlough scheme it’s reasonable to assume that for some older workers, working from home has opened their eyes to what winding down their working life could look like. Tim Anderson, an independent financial adviser based in Wren Sterling’s London office talks [...]

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The science behind the story

Insight from 7IM on the covid-19 pandemic how treatments are developing, and what to expect in a second wave.


What is a with-profits bond?

A ‘with-profits’ bond is a type of pooled investment. These plans have some particular features that can make them popular with investors.

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What do negative gilt yields tell us?

UK government gilt yields have been negative for the first time in their history (March 9th and 20th May, correct at 2nd June). So why would anyone want to buy government bonds at the moment?

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V, W, U or L: If we’re heading for recession, what does recovery look like?

Are we heading for a recession? THis blog discusses the different measures the government have put in place to avoid – or lessen – the affects of Covid-19.


How to protect your family in uncertain times

In uncertain times, you can protect yourself and your family from financial hardship caused by illness or injury. Find out more about protection insurance


Failure to protect can lead to shareholder disharmony

Shareholder protection doesn’t appear in many hit TV shows or movies. It’s fair to say it’s not as exciting as fast cars or crime. However, the creators of the hit HBO show, Succession, have found a way to make this insurance product front and centre alongside succession planning, another core financial planning area of expertise. [...]

The UN’s 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are a universally agreed sustainability framework, which can also support conversations with your adviser about your values and focus your decision-making.

How the ethical investing market has developed

We discuss how ethical investing has developed with King & Shaxson Ethical Investing, and what they do to ensure their portfolios are truly ethical.

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Protect against Coronavirus scams: top tips from FCA and NCSC

Scammers take advantage of uncertainty and change. Reports of scams have been on the rise during the Covid pandemic. Advice from the FCA and NCSC