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Deflated Hot Air Balloon

Should we be preparing for long-term inflation?

Inflation could be here to stay, as problems with production in China, coupled with energy price rises look set to keep costs high…

Understanding the tax year.

Filling ISA allocations early in the new tax year could leave you better off

Did you know that investing your ISA allocation at the start of the Tax Year could leave you better off than leaving it until the last few days? The finance industry has a habit of pushing people to make the most of their ISA and pension allowances towards the end of the Tax Year and […]

Inflation interest rates and what to do if you’re an investor

Inflation, interest rates and what to do as an investor

As energy prices and the cost of production increase and bite on household wallets, what does this mean for investors?

Pensions and Retirement Report with Wren Sterling and the Sunday Times

Under pressure: the unwelcome return of inflation to the UK

Despite government assurances that it’s a temporary blip, inflation is trending upwards. What are the implications for pension schemes and their members? Originally published in The Sunday Times, written by Stephanie Hawthorne. Inflation is an old foe, now almost forgotten in many countries. But should we be worried that it seems to be making a [...]

Ethical investment criteria, with Wren Sterling.

Sanctions start to bite and ESG in a tangle?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has united much of the Western world against President Putin, and we can only hope for a swift and peaceful resolution to the conflict that results in Ukrainians returning to their homes. It does feel awkward at times to be talking about elements of our lives that seem inconsequential compared [...]

Spring Statement March 2022

Spring Statement, March 2022

Yesterday (23rd March, 2022) the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, pledged to help households fight the cost of living in the UK. His speech was delivered against a testing outlook, with the Office of Budgetary Responsibility finding prices had risen by 6.2 per cent in the twelve months to February 2022, which was the highest rate of […]

A couple reviewing their finances at home.

How to consolidate your pensions

If you’ve got multiple pensions, should you bring them together? Once you’ve decided, what do you need to do, and how hard is it?

How does the Russo-Ukrainian conflict affect the stock markets?

How does conflict affect the stock markets?

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has caused untold misery to millions of Ukrainians, shaken markets globally, and caused the price of oil and energy to rise. We know there will be lots of headlines written in the coming weeks about the crisis. There will be knock-on effects on the cost of energy and other unforeseen events […]

James Twining succeeds Ian Halley as CEO of Wren Sterling

James Twining succeeds Ian Halley as CEO of Wren Sterling

As part of a planned succession, James Twining is joining Wren Sterling on 28th February 2022 as Chief Executive Officer, succeeding Ian Halley, who is stepping down after five and a half years in the role. James joins Wren Sterling from the Kingsbridge Group, a private equity backed specialist insurance broker, where he has been [...]

Understanding the tax year.

Why does the tax year end on April 5th?

Understanding the financial year – have you ever wondered why the most significant date in the tax year is the rather arbitrary 5th April?


Maximising 2021/22 Personal Allowances

The current Tax Year ends on April 5th 2022. Make sure your allowances are used efficiently, it pays to start early.

Pension consolidation: The top three reasons for consolidating your pensions.

Top three reasons for consolidating your pensions

Why consolidate your pensions? The top three reasons for and against merging your old pensions from retirement adviser Wren Sterling.