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Attenborough documentary set to sharpen focus on responsible investing

Attenborough’s latest documentary may shock us into considering changing our habits – as investors and consumers.

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Brewin Dolphin: The crisis has hit my income – should I cash in on my pension?

You can use your retirement savings pot as you wish from age 55 – rising to age 57 from 2028, the government recently confirmed. Yet while this offers flexibility, you need to think carefully before dipping into your retirement funds, or you could trigger unexpected tax charges or whittle away your funds too quickly. Here [...]

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7 insights from 7IM

As the strangest summer in decades winds down, everyone is starting to think about what the last third of 2020 might have in store. 7IM provided answers to the seven most common questions they have been asked by their clients. All content produced first on US ELECTION: Who will win, and what will it [...]

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The Winter Economy Plan – the fallout

When Boris Johnson announced further lockdown measures earlier in September, attention naturally turned towards the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, to see how he would support the economy, particularly those sectors affected most by the measures. By Nick Moules, Head of Marketing, Wren Sterling 900,000 people are employed in the hospitality industry alone and even just speculation [...]

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Time to tidy up finances as Chancellor eyes capital gains tax hikes

After a surprise review of the Capital Gains Tax, what does this mean for investors? How has this changed and how can you prepare?

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Seeing risks ahead for the Gold price

Gold has arguably been a very successful chameleon asset class, able to draw on a variety of investment propositions to support a positive view. But what are the long-term risks for gold?

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Wren Sterling hires Sales Director

Wren Sterling has announced the appointment of St James’s Place Partnership Support Director, Chris Faerber, as its Sales Director. The position is a new role and will make Faerber responsible for Wren Sterling’s sales channels, which had been reporting into CEO Ian Halley and CCO, Paul Chafer, on an interim basis. Faerber has a long [...]


Press release: Woking IFA acquired by Wren Sterling

Wren Sterling has completed a deal with Corimar Holdings Ltd to purchase the assets of Frobisher Capital Ltd, an independent financial advisory business based in Woking. John Westlake an adviser with Frobisher, will retire following a short handover with Wren Sterling and fellow IFA, Murray Peterman, has joined Wren Sterling on a full-time basis. The […]


Retirement tips for the Covid-19 crisis

Be patient and consider retirement strategies - Even before most of us had heard of Coronavirus, only 25% of Brits felt confident that they would have enough to retire on without needing to supplement their pension. The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the global stock markets has resulted in the average pension fund value falling [...]

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7IM: Curious COVID behaviour

An article from 7IM about our changing habits during the COVID-19 pandemic.


COVID-19 impact on retirement

How has Covid affected your pensions? We’ve all been affected differently, whether we’re working and saving towards a pension, approaching retirement, or drawing on our funds.

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The Importance of investing early

Originally published on Your twenties are a time when there are almost too many goals to save for. You may want to buy your first home, purchase a car, or save up to travel the world in the future. Whatever your goals, and whether your plans are short term or long term, they all [...]