Wren Sterling's new brand

Nick Moules

Wren Sterling’s new brand goes live today after many months in production. This means a new identity across digital and print, encompassing all client-facing documentation.

If you’re an existing client and you’re wondering why everything looks a bit different, or you’re curious about why Wren Sterling has rebranded, this blog will give you a little more information.


We started out to refresh a brand that felt tired and to produce a brand that truly embodies the “why” behind financial planning and working at Wren Sterling. The first step was a thorough research phase, interviewing clients, strategic partners and employees to get to the bottom of why they use a financial planner, choose to partner at Wren Sterling or choose a career with us.

What did we learn?

There were common themes in all our research:

  • Financial advice is an industry where people really matter above all else. The way advice is delivered, the level of understanding and empathy shown and making clients feel they are being listened to and taking decisions together were standout findings.
  • The psychological feeling of reassurance and feeling in control that comes with knowing you’re taking decisions with the help of an expert on an ongoing basis was the most common reason behind working with a financial planner.
  • People came to financial advice, usually from a position of confusion because financial planning is inherently complex. Other reasons for engaging were an immediate need to resolve a problem, such as investing an inheritance, and simply not having the time to manage their financial planning, even if they had the skills.
How does all that tie into the new branding?

Taking each element at a time, there is a reason behind each:

  • Our logo represents the W in Wren Sterling, but the multiple adjacent lines represent our commitment to clients to be with them for the long haul, experiencing the ups and downs of financial planning together. The logo ends in an uptick, which reflects our philosophy of investing over time, relying on the efficiency of markets to generate returns.
  • Our brand colours are a dark green and silver, with accents of light green and an icy blue. Dark green is a colour associated with permanence and stability, as well as classic designs, such as British Racing Green. As a precious metal, silver represents finance, while our accent colours are there to provide contrast. Icy blue in particular symbolises professionalism. After all, advising clients on their financial plans is a huge responsibility and privilege that demands the highest professional standards.
  • Our imagery is people-related and in colour. This is to bring financial planning to life and enable people from all walks of life to recognise themselves in our brand. Talking about the mechanics of finance can be dull, but the impact on lives is quite the opposite, giving them clarity around their finances, confidence and control.
  • Our tagline “invested in your financial success” is about our commitment to helping our clients to reach their financial goals. As a business, we believe we are investing in that process, as every decision we make is geared towards advising more people on their financial plans.
Our purpose and values

Another result of this work was the creation of Wren Sterling’s purpose statement and our values. Again, these statements are not statements because we like the words or we think they ought to make sense to a firm like Wren Sterling, they exist because they are the result of research and a little bit of ambition to ensure they are the goals we are reaching for every day and in every interaction we have.

Our purpose: Wren Sterling helps create a better life for our clients and their families, now and for generations to come.

We do this by making the complex simple, developing bespoke financial plans and establishing long term relationships that give our clients clarity, confidence and control.


Wren Sterling cares for its clients, colleagues and the communities in which they work.  We work with integrity and discipline to do what’s right.       

Wren Sterling knows how to solve its clients’ most complex problems.  We celebrate knowledge and ensure all our clients benefit from our deep expertise and insight, all of the time.     

Wren Sterling acts decisively, thinks fast and moves swiftly. We have the entrepreneurial drive to empower our people, modernise our business and deliver better solutions for clients.

Wren Sterling delivers on the promises it makes to its clients and to each other.  We expect to be judged and rewarded based on our reliability and our results.

What happens now?

This is just the first step. The new brand identity has been launched across our brand assets, but a brand is so much more than the elements discussed here.

It is the feeling people have when they interact with Wren Sterling, the expectation they have prior to an interaction and their perception of the company outside of coming into contact directly, so it never stops.

We welcome feedback on the new brand or any other aspect of the Wren Sterling client experience. You can speak to your financial planner or email marketing@wrensterling.com 

Nick Moules
About the Author

Nick has been in charge of Wren Sterling's marketing since 2016. He is a Chartered Institute of Marketing-qualified marketer with experience in financial services and start-up marketing, as well as a background in public relations. Nick is Wren Sterling's media contact.