Wren Sterling launches revamped Employee Benefits and Wellbeing offering as “Workplace”

  • Wren Sterling now offers a consultation to all Group scheme joiners and leavers

  • Over 450 businesses and 80,000 employees supported

Leading national financial planning firm, Wren Sterling, has launched a refreshed range of services for businesses, their directors and their employees, called Workplace.

Workplace was created after clients and their employees identified both employee wellbeing and access to financial planning as being of growing relevance and importance to them, particularly in today’s challenging economic environment, where household incomes are under stress and long term financial planning has never been so important.

With the launch of Workplace, Wren Sterling is now able to offer all joiners and leavers of its clients’ Group Pension Schemes a consultation, allowing its clients’ employees the ability to manage more effectively their long-term financial plans if they go on to become a client of Wren Sterling.

The most significant change is the services that are now being provided and how they are described, which reflects how the market has changed in the last five years. Wellbeing services are split into mental, physical and financial sections and there is a greater emphasis on building employee-led solutions though Wren Sterling’s demographic analysis, which helps employers truly understand demand and build a solution that’s right for their people.

The new Workplace offering benefits from a distinct visual identity to differentiate it from Wren Sterling’s financial planning business, including a new logo and vibrant green accent colour.

Head of Marketing, Nick Moules added: “Wren Sterling actively manages over 450 schemes for our corporate clients, which supports over 80,000 employees, so our reach is substantial and growing.

“In recent years we’ve seen an explosion in demand from employers for access to services to improve the mental, physical and financial wellbeing of their workforce to meet productivity, recruitment and retention challenges. Although traditional employee benefits are core to our proposition and form the backbone of any successful strategy, our role as our clients’ employee benefits consultant has evolved considerably and advising clients on effective communication strategies and helping them utilise the latest employee wellbeing services is now more important than ever.

Moules continued: “Unlike many other companies in this space, our consultants are able to access the whole of the market and are focused on finding the very best terms for our clients, rather than being restricted to an in-house solution. Our team is also nimble enough to offer a bespoke personal service to clients with a single point of contact, regardless of the services provided.

“Further, in these challenging times, our national financial planning team is able to work with our clients’ employees to provide them with the clarity, confidence and control they need over their longer term financial plans, so that they can focus on their careers and being successful in their current roles, which benefits them and their employers.”

For more information, please visit www.wrensterling.com/workplace