Rory McPherson named in Citywire Wealth Manager Top 100

Rory McPherson, Chief Investment Officer of Magnus, Wren Sterling Group’s discretionary fund management (DFM) business, has been named in Citywire Wealth Manager’s Top 100  list for 2023.

Rory said: “Wealth Manager’s Top 100 is a prestigious list of fund selectors, so I’m delighted to be included in its number for 2023. We’ve made fantastic progress in the last 12 months in an often tricky trading environment, where investor expectation is higher than it has been for a long time, driven largely by inflation and the knock on that has had on global markets. Our picks have paid off in the main and we see a lot of opportunity in the future, especially in underpriced assets as the world recovers from this bout of inflation and looks to supercharge growth.”

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