Protecting your confidential information with Wren Sterling’s Personal Finance Portal

According to the Office of National Statistics, people are more likely to fall victim to fraud or cyber offences than any other crime. As your financial adviser, we take our own responsibilities to protect your data extremely seriously.

This is why, for example, we provide cyber security training for all our employees every month, to reduce the risk of inadvertently falling victim to a scam or phishing attack.

To further protect our clients, we have now invested in a new Wren Sterling Personal Finance Portal (“PFP”). This has been specifically designed to enable the safe and secure transmission of personal and financial data between us and we are encouraging all our clients to sign up to it.

Helping you stay safe

The PFP enables safe and secure messaging and document sharing between you and your financial planner. Essentially, every time we have an important or sensitive message to send you, we will publish it in your customer account. This will then trigger an email alert, enabling you to log in to the PFP and retrieve the message. Similarly, your financial planner will get an alert when you post a message.

Registration is incredibly easy and takes only a few minutes. You simply need to go to and type in your name and your email address and then follow the instructions.

While we are encouraging all our customers to sign up, at this stage registration is optional. However, we will in time be moving to this being the only way in which we’re able to share sensitive documents and information with clients. This is in line with best practice across the whole financial industry and is something that most clients are increasingly used to and indeed expect, from responsible companies handling sensitive data.

Other features and benefits

As well as the security benefits of the PFP, it also brings other advantages. For example, once registered, you will have 24/7 access to your plan details, real-time fund information, client documentation and more on any web-connected mobile or web device, giving you instant access and greater control of your own finances.

It will also enable you to update any of your own information, whenever it suits you, rather than be restricted to business hours.

Linda Payne
About the Author

Linda is Wren Sterling's Chief Operating Officer and she has been in financial services for over thirty years, with her last ten years spent at Tilney (formerly Towry) in senior client service roles. Linda specialises in client experience optimisation at a strategic level and she has a background in process design in large scale financial planning and insurance organisations. Linda holds an MBA from Edinburgh Business School and a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.