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Living the Future Life – should we be planning to live to 100?

in Financial advice, Later life, Retirement planning, Thought leadership
Increasing life expectancy is one of the biggest challenges facing pension providers and financial advisers. It presents unique challenges to our assumptions, habits and everyday spending decisions. A fascinating report called Living the Future Life by the Pension Policy Institute looks into the impact of living longer on four key areas; housing, work and skills, [...]

Why the triennial re-enrolment point is the right time to review your pension scheme

in Auto Enrolment, Corporate, Employee benefits, Thought leadership
Bramwell Towse, Director of Corporate Solutions at Wren Sterling, describes what he has seen in the market as employers consider the suitability of their scheme at the triennial re-enrolment point The triennial re-enrolment of auto enrolment schemes is naturally leading to employers questioning the scheme that was put in place first time around. For the [...]

What is the value of financial advice? £40,000 apparently

in Financial advice, Investments, Retirement planning
According to Royal London and The International Longevity Centre, people who take financial advice are on average £40,000 better off than those who don’t.[i] Clearly, the value of advice is subjective down to an individual level, but this report explores the impact of receiving advice during the period 2001-2007 on consumer outcomes in 2012-14. It [...]