Our Investment Committee

A key point of difference for Wren Sterling against a lot of other firms is the presence of our Investment Committee (IC).

Our IC exists to provide oversight on the range of solutions that we recommend for our clients, ensuring appropriate governance is in place for important issues, including investment performance, provider service levels and the cost to our clients of investing through our investment partners.

What does it do?

The IC plays a vital role in reviewing our extensive investment research, monitoring developments in the global investment markets, advances in financial planning solutions, and interpreting how these might impact our clients. All of this is critical to ensure we deliver the best possible independent advice to our clients.

The role of the committee is to regularly monitor and review the available investment solutions in accordance with our criteria that focus on risk and management techniques, delivery of stated objectives and appropriate performance. Those that meet our criteria, are then put forward to our advisers for selection as our ‘core investment solutions’.

These solutions represent a broad choice and give Wren Sterling’s advisers real flexibility when creating and delivering your investment strategy, whilst ensuring implementation is in the most tax efficient manner.

All of this means we’re presenting financial planning solutions to our clients that have been vetted by our internal and external experts and are consistently checked to ensure they remain suitable. Our committee works hard to drive down the cost of investing for our clients as well, ensuring they benefit from our scale.

Who is on the committee?

There are 12 committee members comprised of external experts and key Wren Sterling employees. Roderic Rennison, a vastly experienced retail financial services industry consultant, chairs our IC. He is joined by Ken Rayner of Rayner Spencer Mills Research (RSMR), an independent investment analyst, Paul Chafer and Elaine Batchelor; Chief Commercial Officer and Director of Compliance respectively, and Wren Sterling board members. Other members include Wren Sterling advisers, paraplanners and Gareth Hope, Wren Sterling’s Head of Research.

The IC convenes quarterly and sometimes more frequently if circumstances demand it (such as the March 2020 lockdown) to ensure that issues are tackled in a timely manner.