Investing for children

Investing for the future

As parents, we want to help our children financially, whether that involves making sure there is enough money for their education or saving for their future.
What ever your goal, tax will be a major factor to consider. This guide will take you through basic tax and legal rules, and the investment products that are most suitable for children’s futures.

Our guide includes:

  • How children are taxed
  • Setting specific investment goals
  • Understanding trusts
Investing for children

How we can help

Planning for your child’s future is one of the most important things you will ever do, and we are here to advise you about the best way to achieve your aims and to help ensure that your investments produce the outcomes you want for your children.

We can help in a range of ways. We are very willing and prepared to work with your other professional advisers. The scope of our work can include:

  • Comprehensive financial planning for your family’s finances and estate planning.
  • Investment planning for yourself, your family and any trusts, from asset allocation to investment selection.
  • IHT mitigation.
  • Advice on the choice of appropriate trusts.
  • School fees and other educational costs planning.

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