Company Pension Schemes

Does your company you have an existing pension scheme, do you know for sure if it is fit for purpose? Our comprehensive Group Pension Audit can give you a definitive answer to this question.

Follow this link if you’re looking for information about Auto Enrolment, or Auto Re-enrolment.

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Ongoing Corporate Governance

The Pension Regulator has issued The Six Principle of Good Member Outcomes, which brings corporate governance to contract based pension schemes (such as group personal pensions). We can help an employer satisfy this requirement by holding annual governance meetings with the employer and their Governance Committee, where we discuss how the pension scheme is meeting these principles.

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Advice on Salary Sacrifice

This is an alternative way for employees to make their own personal contributions to a pension plan. It has become very popular with both employers and employees in recent years. However it is important you receive advice on this, to ensure your salary sacrifice is set up correctly. We have many years of experience of advising employers on salary sacrifice, and also communicating the benefits of this to employees so they truly understand and value the benefit.

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Provider Selection Review

If you wish to establish a new pension scheme, or are tired of your existing pension provider and would like to adopt a new one, then we can review the entire group pension marketplace to recommend one which is the most for you and your employees.

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Managing Pension Scheme Risk

Organisations with legacy defined benefit (DB) schemes looking to reduce scheme liabilities, control the future cost of the scheme and give members access to flexibility in retirement are turning to Wren Sterling to help deliver large-scale advice projects. Find out more…

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