How does financial advice help you fight inflation?

Inflation is everywhere in the news at the moment.

Covid, lockdowns, government spending, war in Ukraine – it has all combined to put pressure on prices, which are rising faster than wages. Don’t forget the highest tax burden in the UK since the 1940s. It can all get a bit overwhelming and it can be tough to see a way out.

Independent financial advice can help give you the edge though, whichever stage of life you’re at.

Sometimes we’re blinded by the familiarity of our own situation, or assumptions we’ve made about what we can or can’t afford. A qualified adviser taking an objective look at your situation and getting to the heart of your ambitions could answer the questions you’ve been afraid to ask.


Working family

An adviser can help you assess your budget to see whether you can achieve your long-term goals, while making sure you can provide for your family’s short-term needs.

You might be concerned about:

  • Your mortgage commitments as interest rates rise
  • Paying for university fees
  • The amount of your retirement savings
  • Whether your savings and investments are in the right place to beat the rate of inflation
  • Insurance to provide for your family in case of illness or death
Pension consolidation: The top three reasons for consolidating your pensions.

Working towards retirement

If you’re still working and building for your retirement, an independent financial adviser can help you make decisions now that may have a greater bearing on your ability to retire in future, and the likely quality of your retirement.

Inflation is likely to push up the cost of living for people in the future, so previous assumptions need to be revisited

You might be concerned about:

  • Whether your pensions are in the right funds
  • How much money you’re likely to have in retirement
  • Paying off debts, including your mortgage
  • Supporting elderly parents
Woman reviews her pension and retirement savings

In retirement

If you’ve already retired, inflation can seem scary. Although the Triple Lock on the State Pension is designed to shield retirees from inflation, the reality is that most retirees rely on their private pension to support their lifestyle.

For people who are flexibly drawing their pension, an independent financial adviser can make a big difference to how long their retirement savings last through tailored investment strategies or an annuity that adjusts for inflation.

You might be concerned about:

  • Making your retirement savings last long enough
  • Funding later life care
  • Passing on wealth to younger generations

Next steps

If any of these situations feel familiar, it could be time to speak to a Wren Sterling adviser. We’ve got advisers all over the UK, and we run appointments online to suit you. Please arrange an appointment to see what we can do for you.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate university/school fees planning.

Think carefully before securing other debts against your home. Your home or property may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.