Financial Planning and Divorce

Divorce signals the end of one journey and the beginning of another.
As Financial Advisers, we can work with you to clear any financial uncertainty on the road ahead.

Splitting your assets at divorce can be complex. You may not know that a divorce won’t just affect your current wealth – but possibly your future income too. Including your pension. Understanding the true value of pension assets now and in the future can make a huge difference to your lifestyle in later years.

How can Wren Sterling help?

Take a fresh look at your finances with the expertise of a Financial Adviser. We offer our understanding and expertise to help you protect your assets and map out your financial future.

Wren Sterling can map out your pension assets and identify the best course of action for you from the options available. We’re also on hand to help you establish your financial priorities and steer your assets towards achieving your goals.

This way you can be confident you are enjoying the maximum benefit from the settlement.

Our services

Review your assets

Value your assets and build a new schedule for your financial goals, in light of your change in circumstances.

Assess your attitude to risk

Understand investment risk and how it affects any investment decisions with your financial settlement

Cash flow modelling

Visualise your current and forecasted wealth and how your income and outgoings will affect this. Cash flow modelling allows us to create a picture of your finances both now and in the future, taking into account your tax position

Understand how changes in legislation affects you

We’ll explain the options available to you, and how legislation affects your pension expectation. For example, recent pensions freedom legislation (introduced in April 2015) affects the three options on divorce; offsetting, earmarking and pension sharing, especially for people over 55 who now have unfettered access to their pension funds

Pension liability planning

We can advise on the impact of attachment orders and earmarking orders on your lifetime allowance

Pension sharing order investment

Where a pension credit has been agreed the receiving spouse will need to have an appropriate pension plan to accept the transfer. This could be to a new personal pension or one in which they are already a member, assuming the scheme rules permit such a transfer. We can advise on the most suitable arrangement for you and the investment strategy of the underlying fund

How will a divorce affect your home?

A divorce can often result in one or both parties moving house. Wren Sterling is partnered with John Charcol (one of the UK’s largest independent mortgage brokers) and can help arrange any mortgage facilities needed, as well as associated life assurance cover on borrowings.

Are you paying for more insurance than you need to?

With changing circumstances, you may need to review your protection retirements. We can help you update any policies, and consider what you want to happen to your assets in future ‘worst case’ scenarios. For example, we can advise and arrange appropriate life assurance or critical illness plans to protect maintenance payments against the premature death of the payer. This will include the necessary trust arrangements.

Find out how a financial adviser could help you

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