Protect, reward, retain your employees

It’s not just the UK. Globally we’re facing a period where absences from ‘Long Covid’ and burnout are expected to rise, at a point when employers need to maximise productivity to be a part of the economic recovery.

And yet the latest figures show that UK waiting times for treatment have increased – with 192,000 people waiting 12 months or more for treatment, compared to about 1,600 last January.

As a result of Coronavirus, 67% of employers are evolving their benefits packages to support employees’ needs, both to treat and pre-empt mental and physical health problems. 

Employee benefits offer a range of tools which can improve the mental and physical health of your employees – and remove financial anxiety. Is it time to review the healthcare benefits you offer your staff?

Retain staff and attract new talent

Many UK workers are looking a fresh start in 2021 with 9 in 10 considering starting the job hunt, according to Totaljobs. 84% of those are currently employed but have begun looking for new jobs for a change of scene. If these applicants are successful, many UK businesses will lose valuable knowledge and skills as staff seek employment elsewhere.
Companies that invest in their employees have an opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition and demonstrate that their welfare is being taken care of.

Support your employees at work and at home

The benefits you offer must be valuable to your employees – and this changes, frequently. Just consider the changes that have been made to their commuting habits, healthcare concerns, travel insurance, death benefits in the last 12 months alone.
Your people should be aware of their employee benefits and how to access them. The question is; how can you find out what they value?

Well, we ask. Wren Sterling carries out a workforce assessment and benefits review before suggesting changes to an employee benefits strategy that is developed in partnership with you. This helps us get to know your business, your employees and what they value. We place an emphasis on financial education to ensure they understand how their benefits can support their personal lives – proving that your business is the right fit for them, both in and out of work.Wren Sterling’s experienced advisers are there to guide your employees and help them make good financial decisions. If you’re interested in finding out more about how we approach employee benefits or you know an employer who might want to talk, please get in touch.

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