Wren Sterling now offers sustainable investing option for clients

Wren Sterling has launched an sustainable investing option for its clients, allowing them to invest in a range of funds designed to generate positive, measurable social and environmental impact, alongside financial return.

The growth of sustainable investing, ESG (environmental, social and governance), SRI (socially responsible investments) and green investing has coincided with a greater awareness of the role of investments in the future of the planet and society.

Wren Sterling’s clients now have the option to rebalance their investment portfolio with more of a focus towards sustainable investing. Wren Sterling’s investment committee has selected a range of funds that meet its criteria and assessing clients’ sustainable investing appetite is now a standard part of Wren Sterling’s new client and review process.

Paul Chafer, Wren Sterling’s Chief Commercial Officer, explained the decision: “As advisers, we want to make sure we’re guiding our clients towards their investment goals and we’re determined to do this in a way that chimes with their personal values.

“Our new sustainable investing panel gives our clients the choice they deserve and importantly, the performance of sustainable investment funds has picked up markedly in the last few years, dispelling myths that more socially-focused investors lose out in pounds and pence.

“Investment managers that we interact with on a regular basis have strengthened our belief in sustainable investing. We both share the view that sustainable investing is the logical progression for a society that cares about its future and research shows that the next generation of investors are particularly aware of this.”