Wren Sterling’s EU Referendum Reaction

Wren Sterling’s EU Referendum Reaction


EU Referendum: Playing The Long Game

So now the country’s made its decision, whether you welcome or regret the outcome of yesterday’s EU referendum, at least we know where we stand today. The Lisbon Treaty gives us two years to negotiate our exit, so over the coming months we’ll see the long term implications of the decision unfold.

Our philosophy has been, and continues to be, to invest for the long-term and not to speculate on short-term market volatility, which includes Brexit. Rest assured the advice we’ve given and the financial plans we have provided for you, already factors in your attitude to risk, the length of time you wish to invest and the expertise of the professional fund management of those you are invested in.
This graph illustrates our approach by demonstrating the benefits of remaining invested.

Now is the time to pause, reflect and watch how markets and politicians move forward over the following months. If you have any concerns in the meantime and wish to discuss this further please call your adviser.

We have also provided commentary here about the Brexit impact on the UK property market, courtesy of our sister company John Charcol who are one of the UKs leading independent mortgage brokers.

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