Wren Sterling withdraws Wren Sterling Master Trust

Wren Sterling withdraws Wren Sterling Master Trust

Following a review of our auto enrolment services, Wren Sterling has made the strategic decision to withdraw our white-labelled auto enrolment solution ‘The Wren Sterling Master Trust’ (WSMT).

We’ve partnered with Salvus, our auto enrolment partners who currently provide the WSMT, to let their expertise guide existing members of the Wren Sterling Master Trust towards meeting their auto enrolment obligations, so WSMT clients will now become clients of Salvus directly.

It’s important for us to stress that this move doesn’t change any of the underlying terms and conditions or costs of clients’ auto enrolment solution or how it is managed. The only change will be the brand when clients or employees log in and there is no requirement for clients to do anything at this stage beyond usual auto enrolment duties.

If you’re an existing user of the Wren Sterling Master Trust, please continue to access the system as you do today, using the same web pages and login details. In the coming weeks, the branding will be updated to reflect the change from WSMT to Salvus Master Trust.

Accessing help

Salvus operates a self-service auto enrolment solution and in our experience users can complete their entire auto enrolment process each payroll reference period using just the guides available and the online portal. However, we recognise that some members will require more help initially, so we have provisioned for that.

As a result of our decision to close the Wren Sterling Master Trust, Wren Sterling will be closing its helpdesk which has supported clients in the early stages of setting up their auto enrolment scheme. Instead, we’re pleased to confirm that Salvus operates an online support system where users can log issues on a ticketing basis and responses will be managed through that system. This is available at http://www.salvustrust.com/request-support.php

Why we work with Salvus

Salvus continues to grow and supports workplace pension provision for 1000s of employers and their staff all over the UK.

We believe Salvus is committed to the auto enrolment market and is well-positioned to meet the ongoing needs of clients because it is a core aspect of its business.

Should you have any questions about the impact of this decision on your auto enrolment services, please contact your Wren Sterling consultant or email us at [email protected]

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