Why Wren Sterling?

Great news!
You've booked an appointment with Wren Sterling to get independent financial advice.

You’re a step closer to seeing where your finances could take you and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve got a plan that’s being managed by an expert.

You’ve probably got some questions you would like to be answered about what happens next, who we are, why independence matters, what happens at an annual review, who will provide the advice – all sorts. You’ll find some of the answers to those questions below, and links to where you can get further information, if you need it.

Talking to your family about money is an essential part of financial planning

Who is Wren Sterling?

Wren Sterling is a national independent financial advice firm. We advise thousands of clients on their financial plans; investments, pensions, protection and estate planning.

In other areas of our business we work with some of the biggest firms in the FTSE 100 to advise their pension scheme members on their retirement options. We also partner with 10 UK building societies to provide independent financial advice to their members, while our Corporate team works with businesses of all sizes to advise them on their employee benefits strategy, pension scheme governance, and delivering financial education to their workforce.

We’ve got offices around the UK and we manage around £4.7bn of assets on behalf of our clients – and that is rising all the time.

What happens next?

We have a five step process; The Facts, The Analysis, The Plan, Implementation, and Maintenance. These are designed to make sure we capture the essential facts about your situation, but more importantly, your motivation and aspirations for working with a financial planner.

In our experience, this is the most important discussion we have with you as it means you will feel happier with the end results, knowing they are aligned to your overall goals. It helps if you have as much information about your finances to hand as possible, but be prepared for some open questions to bring out how you feel about your money and what you want to achieve for yourself and your family.

You can read about this in more detail, in our Private Client Brochure.

Who will you deal with?

Our advisers are listed on our contact pages, according to which office they are closest to. However, we complete a lot of our work for our clients over the phone or via Microsoft Teams, so you do not need to be located near to your adviser. In other instances, we offer clients access to a pool of independent financial advisers. Sometimes it can be faster to work with an adviser who isn’t as busy and this flexibility is key to our service.

Some of our advisers are Chartered Financial Planners, the highest level of attainment for an adviser, and others are working their way towards that standard. We also have advisers who specialise in areas such as later life planning and trusts, which means we can adjust to very specific requirements.

Wren Sterling is also a Pension Transfer Gold Standard firm, which means we have passed the requirements set by the Personal Finance Society to advise on Defined Benefit Pension Transfers, a complex area of financial planning. You can read more on this service here.

Furthermore, as you would expect, we have built relationships with other professionals who can provide complementary services. This includes insurance brokers, mortgage advisers, accountants, solicitors, equity release providers and will writers. Your financial adviser will act as your point of contact and put you in touch with other professionals should your circumstances require it.

Wren Sterling's team of experienced independent financial advisers (IFAs).

Why independence matters

Independence means that when we recommend the solutions for your plan, we do so free from any commercial arrangements or incentives from those solution providers. If you deal direct with an insurance company for example, they will recommend their products but not their competitors. We believe independence is central to achieving the outcomes we want for our clients. There are thousands of investment products, for example, but they will not all be right for you. Our expertise is in aligning the solution to your personal circumstances and the goals we have agreed in your plan.

What do our clients say?

Don’t take our word for it. Our clients have been leaving us reviews on our reviews.co.uk page, you can find even more reviews here.

Getting in touch

Your adviser should always be your first point of contact, as they are best placed to support you. However, if you cannot reach them, please get in touch using the details on the Contact Us pages of our website.