Pension transfer advice for employers

As the population continues to live longer and lead more complex lives than ever before and pension regulation changing continually, access to sound financial planning and professional advice has never been more important.

Organisations with legacy defined benefit (DB) schemes looking to reduce scheme liabilities, control the future cost of the scheme and give members access to flexibility in retirement are turning to Wren Sterling to help deliver large-scale advice projects.

Why Wren Sterling?

We pride ourselves on delivering ever-higher standards of service to the clients we work with, taking time to understand their objectives and challenges. Our prime objective is to ensure that our clients can feel confident that they are referring their scheme members to an organisation that truly is at the centre of financial planning excellence.

What our clients’ members say

Wren Sterling is used to working with large organisations across many sectors to make sure their employees and scheme members understand their options at key life points including retirement and can map a path that aligns with their long term financial goals. Recently, we completed the first stage of a project with a major pharmaceutical brand to provide advice to over 5,000 employees, consistently beating volume and quality targets.

Here are some of the responses we received about a recent pension increase exchange exercise:

  • “Efficient and helpful. Took the trouble to gain all the relevant information about my situation.”
  • “Knew his subject inside-out; listened well; captured all the required detail; ensured I fully understood the decision I needed to take and tested my appreciation of the risks involved very effectively.”
  • “Everything has been dealt with in a professional manner without jargon and explanations are clear and succinct.”

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