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Cashflow planning: visualising financial journeys

in Financial advice, Financial education, Investments, Later life, Retirement planning
Cashflow planning is a bit of a buzz phrase around financial planning at the moment as advisers seek to show clients how their financial journey will unfold if it continues its current trajectory or with positive and negative impacts. In my mind, cashflow planning is simply showing whether a client’s objectives are attainable using current [...]

How investors are supporting environmental and ethical causes

in Ethical investments, Investments
When many of us think about our legacy, we think financially. How much could we leave our descendants and how should it be structured? Both very common questions for financial advisers, but increasingly people are considering the legacy of the planet and the society they’re leaving behind and want to make a financial difference. This [...]

Living the Future Life – should we be planning to live to 100?

in Financial advice, Later life, Retirement planning, Thought leadership
Increasing life expectancy is one of the biggest challenges facing pension providers and financial advisers. It presents unique challenges to our assumptions, habits and everyday spending decisions. A fascinating report called Living the Future Life by the Pension Policy Institute looks into the impact of living longer on four key areas; housing, work and skills, [...]