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Best practice in running a business, key financial reports and cloud efficiencies

in Corporate, Financial education, Partners, Thought leadership
A growing trend in working life is for people to begin businesses later on in life, sometimes to phase their retirement or to earn extra income in retirement. Steve Blissett of Rodliffe Accounting, a London-based firm specialising in small business accounting, outlines best practice for starting a new business and sheds light on the technology [...]

The constraints of making gifts under a Power of Attorney

in Financial education, Inheritance Tax, Investments, Later life, Thought leadership
A frequent question asked by clients who have been appointed as attorneys is whether they can they make gifts on behalf of the person for whom they act for (the donor)? The answer is yes, but there are strict rules which have to be adhered to. It cannot be emphasised enough that attorneys have very [...]

Resolving financial issues in family disputes

in Financial education, Later life, Thought leadership
As a family lawyer I have advised clients for over 15 years and seen a number of different trends and ways in which disputes are dealt with when there is any form of family separation or divorce. These disputes are often focused on the division of matrimonial assets, arrangements for children, or in situations where [...]