Honda and Wren Sterling

Supporting your financial decisions

When you’re making important decisions about your finances, it can help to get support from an expert. An independent financial adviser can help you make informed decisions about your finances with the benefit of their technical expertise.

Who are Wren Sterling?

Wren Sterling is a nationwide financial advice service. We have many years of experience providing support for people and have been chosen by Honda to help their Associates consider their financial futures in relation to their Honda pension.

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Getting ready for your appointment

Before your appointment, we will send you copies of the documents you will need for your meeting with an adviser. You do not need to fill anything in, but we ask that you familiarise yourself with these documents prior to your meeting.

Scope of services

Sets out the terms of our work for you and clarifies describes the process of our services.

Data capture form

This form will be used by your adviser during your appointment to gather information about your finances and your preferences.

Risk profile report

Your adviser will assess your attitude to risk and investments with you and produce an individual Risk Profile Report.

Our process


The facts

During our first appointment we listen to your current financial circumstances; your lifestage, your hopes and financial aspirations. We work to understand any concerns you may have, and capture all of this in our ‘fact find’ which informs the basis of our analysis, planning and eventual recommendations to you.


The analysis

We build an understanding of your current financial position. We look at your assets, liabilities, income, expenditure, pensions and future expectations. Often, we will use lifetime cashflow analysis to project possible future outcomes to gauge whether you are on track to achieve your goals.

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The plan

Building your plan involves researching the most appropriate solution and, where appropriate. an investment strategy from across the market. We take into account your previous experience and attitude to risk. You will be able to see how our recommendations come together to deliver your financial objectives.

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Should you decide to adopt our recommendations, we will make all the necessary arrangements for the plans and policies to be put in place.

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Life will always present opportunities and challenges. As the financial and legislative landscape changes – our ongoing clients can benefit from review meetings were we can discuss and adjust your plan to keep you on track to achieve your financial goals.

Do you have a question?

If you have a question about this project, how it works, or would like to book an appointment contact our Support team on 0800 177 7158. Alternatively, you can email us at or to book an appointment, click the ‘Arrange an appointment’ button below.

Please reserve questions relating to pensions and your options during your appointments with your adviser.

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