Gold and Diamonds Increase in Price – Are You Covered?

Gold and Diamonds Increase in Price – Are You Covered?

Gold and Diamonds Increase
In Price - Are You Covered?
Over the last few years the price of gold and precious diamonds has increased considerably. If you are the owner of such items, you are probably thinking that it's money in your pocket, but what if you lost one of those precious items of jewellery without having it valued for its true worth?

Of course your home insurance policy would cover you for an item that was lost or stolen, but only to the value that has been declared on your policy. With gold prices increasing up to 300% of their original value (although prices are now starting to fall), there is every chance that you could be underinsured.

Make sure you are covered

As the market for high value items is constantly changing, insurance brokers recommend that clients look to reevaluate the value of their home and its contents every three to five years. By instructing a professional surveyor to look at property and its contents, you would be advised on the suitable levels of insurance cover required and advised on cover requirements for any fine art, antiques, collectables and jewellery, you may have. There is also the opportunity to have agreed values placed on such items so there are no arguments about market values should the worst happen.

Towergate Insurance have a knowledgeable insight into the specialised insurance needs of higher value homeowners, and are able to offer a range of products which will be tailored to your individual requirements. We can offer insurance from some of the UK's leading high net worth insurers. Throughout the life of your policy, you will receive an efficient and dedicated service from the experienced private clients team.
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