Corporate Pension Scheme Risk

Managing corporate pension scheme risk

Organisations with legacy defined benefit (DB) schemes looking to reduce scheme liabilities, control the future cost of the scheme and give members access to flexibility in retirement are turning to Wren Sterling to help deliver large-scale advice projects.

Wren Sterling is used to working with large organisations across many sectors to make sure their employees and scheme members understand their options at key life points including retirement and can map a path that aligns with their long term financial goals. Recently, we completed the first stage of a project with a major pharmaceutical brand to provide advice to over 5,000 employees, consistently beating volume and quality targets.

If you’re going to put scheme members through a pension transfer exercise, it’s important to recognise that your employees will feel unsure about how this impacts their future until they’ve spoken with an adviser. We continually recognise how your employees could be feeling with the ‘3Cs’; Cautious, Confused, Concerned.

AstraZeneca have worked with Wren Sterling for a many years, in a number of different areas, from support to employees affected by a Corporate Pension exercise to Pensioners considering taking up the offer of a Pension Increase Exchange. Our employees and pension scheme members value the independent advice and support they receive from Wren Sterling, whilst we value their responsiveness, can do approach and collaborative working practices.

Rob Hamer, UK Benefits Manager, Astra Zeneca
In a recent exercise, pension scheme members rated their experience highly (satisfaction with Wren Sterling out of 10, May 2017):

Did you find Wren Sterling easy to deal with? 9.23
How would you score the adviser that helped you? 9.22
How would you rate the recommendation report you received from Wren Sterling for ease of understanding? 8.85
What is your overall score of Wren Sterling in relation to the help you received on your pension? 9.01

Accessing pension benefits early may impact on levels of retirement income and is not suitable for everyone. You should seek advice to understand your options at retirement.

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