Financial education

As the retirement space becomes increasingly complicated, employees will turn to their employer as their benefits provider for guidance. We believe that the more knowledge people have (and confidence with their finances) the more engaged they will be with their employee benefits.

Why financial education?

Financial education can make a tangible difference to your workforce. Here are a few statistics that illustrate some of the problems facing employees in the UK today.

Wren Sterling’s experienced advisers can make sure employees are well informed and up to speed on all the legislative changes, through a coordinated financial education programme. There’s also access to our telephone financial planning team for your employees and directors with more complex financial arrangements can count on the expertise of our private client team.

We’ll analyse the demographic of your workforce, benchmarking you against your peers and review your existing arrangements to determine their suitability.

Working alongside you, we can run a bespoke communication program to ensure your employees understand the importance of retirement planning, whilst at the same time valuing the financial commitment made by their employer in helping to achieve their goals in retirement.

We do this through a variety of communication channels;

We understand that pensions and workplace benefits can appear confusing, which is why we cut through the jargon and ensure all of our employee communication are delivered in a language that’s easy to understand.

Help employees with money worries

1 in 4 employees are suffering with financial problems that are so severe that they are affecting their performance in the workplace1

Help your people provide for retirement

People could face a £4,000 per year shortfall between their pension savings and desired retirement income3

The role of the employer in financial literacy

46% of those aged 65-69 feel their employers should provide information about the state pension2

Help your people understand their pension and benefits

6 in 10 people have put off saving more into their pension because they don’t understand the system 3

Workshops and seminars

Wren Sterling runs physical seminars for clients across the UK to help their employees understand their benefits and to prepare for retirement. We gather feedback from attendees and these results were from a seminar programme we delivered for a technology company with four UK sites.

Were the topics relevant to your pension situation?

  • 67% of attendants strongly agreed
  • 37% of attendants agreed

100% recommend

100% of the 40 attendants to recent pension seminars would recommend them to a colleague

Most attendees felt the session length was just right

  • 95% of attendants felt the session was just right
  • 5% of attendants felt the session was too short

Two attendees wanted longer sessions – and can spend more time discussing their finances with an adviser with an appointment.

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