Executive pension & benefit planning

Wren Sterling has created an Executive Pension & Benefit Planning service specifically for the personal financial planning needs of senior executives, directors and business owners.

We know your people are central to your success and you want to remunerate them in a way that makes your commitment clear. Supporting that will undoubtedly be a benefits scheme that satisfies their professional and lifestyle aspirations. However, when you offer competitive salaries and benefits to your executives it can introduce tax planning issues. Wren Sterling overcomes this by pairing corporate advisers with private client advisers. This ensures you get the maximum benefit from your investment in our relationship.

Personal Financial Planning for Executives

We can help you support your executives directly by providing holistic personal financial advice that covers everything from their pension arrangements to wealth planning to protection. Our services include:

  • Executive Pension Planning
  • Lifetime and annual allowances
  • Cashflow Planning
  • Wealth Management
  • Relevant Life Policy
  • Executive remuneration

Business owner and SME planning

Protecting your business and your people now, whilst planning for the future, is key to businesses success. We can provide support in all areas from succession planning to corporate investments. Our services include:

  • Succession planning and business assurance
  • Shareholder protection
  • Keyperson protection
  • Profit extraction and exit strategies
  • Winding the business up
  • Corporate investments