Your Ashland Pension

Your pension options

This page contains information about your Pension Increase Exchange offer from the Trustees of the Ashland UK Pension Fund, enabling you to find out more about your pension/s and the options available to you that can affect your retirement. This page contains key dates in the project timeline and more information about the advisers who will be assisting you.

Contact deadline

24 September 2021

This is your deadline to engage with Wren Sterling and let us know that you’d like to find out more about your pension options.

Acceptance deadline

29 October 2021

This is your deadline to decide to accept or decline your adviser’s recommendation. You are under no obligation to follow their advice, and this choice must be your own.

Pension transfer gold standard. Wren Sterling has been awarded the standard for the quality of their independent pension transfer advice.

Do you have a question?

If you have a question about this project, how it works, or would like to book an appointment contact our Support team on 0808 175 0024, or email us at

Please reserve questions relating to pensions and your options during your appointments with your adviser.

Getting ready for your appointment

Before your appointment, we will send you copies of the documents you will need for your meeting with an adviser. You do not need to return anything, but we ask that you complete the data capture form prior to your meeting and have all the documents to hand for the appointment.

The offer

Your Trustees will send you a copy of this document outlining the offer, and how to get in touch.

Scope of services

Sets out the terms of our work for you and describes the process of our services.

Data capture form

This form will be used by your adviser during your appointment to gather information about your finances and your preferences, so that the adviser can consider them when making their recommendation.

Our advisers

Paul Monk
Independent Financial Adviser
Ted Towers, Connect Team Manager, Nottingham
Ted Towers
Independent Financial Adviser